Maintenance programs

Whoever invests in high-performance equipment should also invest in maintaining its performance and preserving its value.  Regular care and maintenance have a positive effect on your production figures and protect you from unexpected costs.

APP - Asset Protection Program

  • Easy access to the parts you require
  • Service modules and packages tailored to your operational needs
  • Assured technical available of your assets
  • Enhancement of your production effectiveness
  • Cost reduction in the maitenance and procurement process

QEP - Quick Exchange Program

  • Reduced Stock-out Risk
    • Min/max level of subunits
    • (kits and donor subunits optimized because of visible usage patterns)
    • One responsible party
    • Improved logistics

  • Reduction of Overall Cost due to integrated process, critical mass and lot production rather than single unit repair of subunits

Maintenance / Service contracts

  • Custom tailored to your company's needs

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